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G4KQH, UK Amateur Radio Station

HF, VHF & UHF Station - Activity

The G4KQH home station activity last year was mostly in the UK Activity Contests (UKACs) for most sessions on bands up to 23cm (1296MHz). A few contacts were made on the HF (shortwave) bands at other times.

EME on the 2m band using the JT65B digital mode had been the main interest a few years back (2017/2018) with the challenge of using just a single 11ele antenna.

Historically, SSB has been the main operating mode at G4KQH with most contacts being made during UK VHF & UHF Activity Contests, but 2020 was the first year that contest entries were submitted for these.

You can see the level of station activity at G4KQH by viewing the Contacts per Band page.

First Transmitting Licence Issued in 1968

G4KQH is the second callsign held by Dave Howes. The first was G8BKK, issued in April 1968. After a gap of 12 years, the Post Office Morse test was taken, which enabled an upgrade from the Class B (VHF and higher frequencies only) to Class A, 'full', licence adding transmitting privileges on the shortwave bands.

Dave Howes is perhaps best known in amateur radio circles as the designer of the Howes Kits range of low power (QRP) radio kits. This business started trading in 1983 and was sold to G3TUX in April 2000.

G4KQH Stations Worked Map for 70cm band

VHF, UHF and SHF Contacts/Squares Maps

The red spots on the map graphic on the left show the locations of stations worked on the 70cm UHF band since the contacts database was initiated. If you don't see today's date in the graphic, please reload (refresh) the webpage to get today's version.

You can use the menu links in the site navigation bar at the top of the page to see dynamically generated maps of locator squares for stations contacted ('worked') on the 6m, 4m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm VHF, UHF & SHF bands.

G4KQH has never been a collector of awards or a serious 'squares chaser', but noting the squares worked and keeping a watch for new ones does add a bit of extra interest.

QSL Cards & Logbook of The World

All past QSO records from 2003 onwards have been uploaded to LoTW. The LoTW data is generally updated once or twice a month. If you would like a QSL card for a contact with G4KQH, you can help yourself to one from this website after the QSO data has been uploaded (normally next day). Please find the contact you require a card for by using the "Your Contacts with G4KQH" page to list the QSOs and then click on the relevant "Get QSL" link, or click the "Get a G4KQH QSL Card" menu item in the Website Pages Menu at the top. Cards are not collected at G4KQH, so please do not go to the trouble of sending one.

Dave Howes G4KQH,
Northamptonshire NN11 3PR,
England, UK


G4KQH Station Locator Square: IO92jd


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